Share Secured Loan

For the lowest interest rate, a loan may be secured or collateralized by shares in your savings account. Share secured loans are ideal for making purchases without depleting your savings. In addition, for members looking to rebuild damaged credit or establish new credit, our share secured loans can give you the fresh start you need.

Share secured loans are offered at 6.00%*. Best of all, you still earn dividends on the funds in your account – while being able to borrow against the balance at the same time!

Only funds in your savings account or a share certificate may be pledged as collateral for your share-certificate secured loans.

To receive one of the best loan rates, consider using your credit union savings as collateral for your loan. With a secured loan you can pledge funds in your savings account to cover the amount of the loan.

Secured loans are a great option to help you build your credit or make a purchase without dipping into your savings. As the loan balance decreases, the funds pledged also decreases.